Excavator Attachments

General Purpose (GP)/Heavy Duty Buckets (HD)

This excavation bucket is available in a wide-range of widths and capacities. The main body is quenched and tempered alloy steel 130,000 psi min yield. Cutting edge, lower sidecutter sections, wear strips, and side wear plates are all constructed of 360-440 BHN. Notice the unique wear strip configuration? The outer wear strips are rolled vertically around the curvature of the bucket and and then center strips are mounted horizontally between them. This wear strip configuration affords the best possible protection to the bottom of the bucket. A heavy duty tube section forms the top beam of the LEMAC EXCAVATOR BUCKET. This beam provides an extremely solid base for mounting the ears. Corner gussets are also included to insure rigidity is maintained for a long bucket life. All trenching width buckets are tapered top to bottom, front to back and are also aggressively shaped to promote easy penetration and fast clean dumping. The lower sidecutter sections are drilled and countersunk to accept sidecutters.

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