Mini & Backhoe Attachments

Clamps (Thumbs)

LEMAC MINI & BACKHOE CLAMPS are available in multiple tine configurations for meshing with any bucket with any number of teeth. Also, all LEMAC CLAMPS are available as HYDRAULIC or MECHANICAL versions and as Bucket Clamps (Pin-On) or E-Z Clamps (Stick-Mounted) styles. The entire structure is manufactured of quenched and tempered alloy steel 130,000 psi min yield and 360-440 BHN. The curved tine design provides greater capacity and promotes better picking ability and load retention, as well. The stay arm (mechanical version) adjusts to three working locations and allows the clamp to be stored conveniently when not in use. Have a coupler? No problem. LEMAC CLAMPS can be custom built to facilitate any coupler system. Auxiliary kits are available, by request.