Mini & Backhoe Attachments


The LEMAC MINI & BACKHOE QUICK-COUPLER is available in both hydraulic and mechanical versions. The hydraulic version comes complete with all necessary controls for installation and operation without exiting the excavator cab. Average attachment changes only take minutes!

Which model best suits your needs?

Pin-Grip Quick-Coupler (Pin Grabber)
Each LEMAC MINI & BACKHOE PIN-GRIP QUICK-COUPLER will pick up virtually any pin-on attachment designed to the OEM specifications for ear dimensions and clearances. This coupler has the tightest "Pin To Pin" offset and even has the most forgiving pin spacing tolerance in the industry. Safety features include: an "Unlock" warning light with buzzer, a locking style toggle switch, and -in the event of pressure loss- a check valve protected hydraulic cylinder. Have a similar sized excavator? Use this coupler as a conversion-coupler on one machine and pick up attachments from a similar sized excavator with ease. The LEMAC PIN-GRIP comes standard with one set of attachment use only pins but additional pin sets are available, call for availability and rates.

Quick-Change Quick-Coupler (Dedicated)
The LEMAC MINI & BACKHOE QUICK-CHANGE QUICK-COUPLER is used With a dedicated attachment system. Its ultra compact coupler design improves machine performance and the breakout force is always preserved. Tired of spending valuable time mounting and unmounting an existing pin-on bucket or attachment? We can convert them with our exclusive conversion blanks so they too can be used with this system. Various adapter brackets are available and can accommodate almost any attachment. All attachments include wear compensation, which ensures an extended clatter-free life. Manufactured entirely from heat-treated alloy steel for additional durability. This is a complete dedicated quick-coupler and attachment system for minis & backhoes.