Mini & Backhoe Attachments

Heavy Duty Grapples

LEMAC GRAPPLES are available in a wide-range of widths and tine configurations. Each version made specifically for the user's needs. Heavy tube sections form the upper side of the jaws providing an amazingly solid base for both ear groups. The ears are constructed of heavy-duty alloy steel to ensure a maintained rigidity between the massive jaws. To keep this "muscular metal" together, Lemac uses heat-treated alloy steel main pins. LEMAC GRAPPLES use a strategic arrangement of bearings, seals, o-rings, and collars in the main pivot to guard this critical area. Also, large diameter alloy steel is used for the stay arm pins. The entire jaw structure is manufactured of quenched and tempered alloy steel 130,000-psi min. yield (not tensile) 360-440 BHN. The tine tips are 175,000-psi min. yield 450-550 BHN.