Excavator Attachments

Stump Shears

The LEMAC STUMP SHEAR is now available in mechanical and hydraulic versions. The mechanical model requires no additional hydraulics. Pinning on in place of the bucket, it utilizes the excavators bucket cylinder to power the single blade jaw through the tree stump. The hydraulic version has a greater opening and generates quicker and more powerful cycle times. The shear's outer jaw has two ripper spikes which have oversized replaceable teeth. These prongs are used to pry the stump from the ground while the inner jaw, equipped with a replaceable blade, shears the stump. The LEMAC STUMP SHEAR is ideal as a downsizing tool for use with tub grinders or other wood processing machines.

Lemac offers a wide variety of tooth systems including: Cat, Volvo, Hensley, and Esco.

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